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Here are some very important points that you just need to check:-

Point 1. Only one version of your website URL is browsable

This means your website has 4 version    ( with https & www  )    This is right & recommended other versions must redirect on this version.              ( with https but not www )                ( without https & www  )       ( without https with www )

Point 2. Check the GOOGLE Webmaster tool for any issue in indexing

if you don’t know about the Google webmaster tool, it might be a little bit difficult for you. but this is a free tool to check your website issues. So you Can try this. but till I will recommend you hire an affordable search engine ranking company, they can do these things perfectly in less time.

Point 3. Search Your domain on Google

if you are still confused you can check your site domain indexing status by simply searching your whole website domain on google search.

google indexing check step

Point 4. Check Meta tags

your website must contain meta tags, basically, these tags help google to understand our website. meta tags are of many types but some of them are title, description, Og tags, Twitter tag, heading tag, meta robots, etc

Point 5. Check your website has a sitemap & robots.txt file or not 

A sitemap is the files that contain all the website URLs that you want to let google and robots files are used to restrict google showing some pages or files that we don’t want to show.  and it’s very easy to check just type /sitemp.xml or /robots.txt after your domain URL.